The History & Legacy of UMW

UMW Digital History Archive

About this Project

This project was created and completed by a group of students during a semester-long collaboration in the Adventures of Digital History class during the spring of 2022. The purpose of this project was to restore, refresh, and rescue past projects of the class while making them more accessible.

We would like to thank the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC) staff for their wealth of knowledge, Dr. McClurken’s passion for digital history and support, and previous Adventures of Digital History students who created and researched for past projects. We hope this space holds a wealth of knowledge that can be preserved for future years!

Meet the Digital Preservationists:

Carson Berrier is a senior History major in the Secondary Education program who is interested in the history of mental health, equity in education, and protests in history. Carson is planning on attending graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the future. In her spare time, you can find Carson reorganizing bookshelves, cooking for friends, or creating homemade cards. You can find her work here.

Lyndsey Clark is a junior History and Communications/Digital Studies double major who is interested in visual history and the study of popular culture. Lyndsey is planning on pursuing a career with the government while also pursuing her doctorate in Digital History. When she has extra time, you can find Lyndsey reading science fiction and fantasy, playing video games, or creating comics. You can find her work here.

Ashley Dimino is a senior History major in the Secondary Education program who is interested in animation, Dungeons and Dragons, and running. Ashley is planning on completing the 5th year Masters of Education at UMW and would like to teach high school social studies after graduation. When she has extra time, you can find Ashley working at a craft store, crafting, or napping. You can find her work here.

Eugene Hlaing is a junior Historic Preservation and Accounting double major also minoring in Museum Studies. Eugene is interested in economics of internet subcultures, late 19th century technology changes, and the industrial revolution. Eugene plans on working in museum accounting in the future. You can find Eugene making Excel spreadsheets, drawing comics, and trudging around outside in his spare time. You can find his work here.