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Learn more about the incredible class and professor who started all of these Digital History projects. This page will guide you through all of the past sites and interactions of the course and also provide a brief bio on Dr. McClurken.

Dr. McClurken

Dr. Jeffrey McClurken is an instrumental member of the University of Mary Washington. A graduate of Mary Washington College, he now serves as the Chief of Staff and heads the COVID response team at UMW. He also serves as a professor in the History and American Studies department and wears many, many more hats on campus. More information on Dr. McClurken can be found on his website.

List of Past Sites

If you click on the bolded title of each semester, this will take you to Dr. McClurken’s course site for that particular iteration of the site. Under each site, you will find a list of the projects that were completed by that class. You can also find these projects in the topic headers above, this is just another way to view & organize the sites!

Spring 2008 

Fred Markers
The James Farmer Project
James Monroe Papers*
Alumni Project

Spring 2010 

James Monroe Papers
UMW Images
Mary Ball Washington
Fredericksburg Hospitals

Spring 2012 

James Farmer Lectures
UMW Buildings
JM Politoons
SE Historical Markers
Virginia Historical Markers

Spring 2014 

Then and Now
James Monroe Museum 3D
Century America – The Great War & UMW

Spring 2016 

Stephen Gordon
Explore HCC
James Monroe 3D

Spring 2018 

Fredericksburg Nat’l Cemetery
James Monroe Museum Project
Local Historical Markers*

Spring 2020 

Peirce Civil War Letters
James Farmer Project
Rowe Scrapbooks
Explore UMW History

Spring 2022 

UMW Digital History Archive (That’s us!)
Renaming of James Farmer Hall
Venus Jones Project Companion
Private Schwartz Scrapbook
UMW/UVA History

*Denotes sites that are currently broken/inaccessible. You can learn more about these sites in Lyndsey’s Works in Progress post detailing these projects and the technical issues