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This site is a parent site for both the Southeastern Virginia Historical Markers project from 2012 and the Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania Historical Markers project from 2008. Click here to learn more about the Southeastern Markers project. Click here to learn more about the Fredericksburg Markers project. This site was one that we were unable […]

The ultimate goal of this project was to restore, refresh, and rescue past projects of the Adventures in Digital History class while making them more accessible. From the onset of this project we were told it was highly ambitious while being the first of its kind. We were excited to take on the challenge and […]

This project is a digitization of Albert Schwarz’s WWII scrapbook. The main goals of this site are to make this artifact more accessible and provide different ways to view Albert’s journey during his time in the army. You can use this site to look at the scanned pages with or without the transcriptions, whichever you […]

This site digitizes the scrapbooks of the Rowe Family. In addition, this project provides biographies on the Rowe women and a history of scrapbooking in the 19th and 20th centuries. The students that completed this project also created a Twitter account that shares images and information throughout the day.

This site houses the letters of Sergeant Jerome Peirce, a Union soldier during the American Civil War. It includes a brief description of Peirce himself, transcripts of letters, and several interactive tools like a Storymap and Timeline. Students from the 2020 class shared the story with Fredericksburg’s local newspaper, The Free Lance-Star, to spread the word […]

This site houses a collection of letters written by the wartime mayor of Fredericksburg, Montgomery Slaughter as well as letters from enlisted soldier George Murray during the American Civil War. This site also includes short biographies of the two men as well as 80+ letters and documents from the two men and the surrounding events. This […]

This website houses a collection of the diaries of Steven Gordon, and his experience in the American Civil War. It provides access to information about Gordon himself and his connection to the Civil War and digital scans and transcriptions of the diary entries. The images included in this collection detail events such as battles during the […]

This site highlights the Southeastern Virginia Historical Markers that share the history of southeastern Virginia. This site is part of a larger project about Virginia’s Historical Markers as well as Fredericksburg’s local Historical Markers. This site sports a similar organization style to its sister site, allowing you to browse by categories such as century, county, […]