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There are several past ADH projects available on our 5th president, James Monroe who practiced law in Fredericksburg, according to the local James Monroe Museum. One past digital history project works to integrate technology into the existing collections of the James Monroe Museum, including offering a 360 Museum tour of the museum. James Monroe 3D […]

The current sites and projects on notable Civil Rights activist and former UMW professor James Farmer are split into two categories: biographical and archives of his lectures at the university. The James Farmer website is a biographical site dedicated to resources on the life and contributions of Farmer. We are currently in the process of […]

James Farmer Lectures provides a digital archive of Dr. Farmer’s 13 Reflection Lectures where he reflects on his time in the Civil Rights movement. This site also allows viewers and listeners to download audio files of Dr. Farmer’s lectures. This site was one that we were unable to restore due to time restraints and a lack […]

The James Farmer website is a biographical site dedicated to resources including photographs, videos, quotes, and resources for more information on the life and contributions of Dr. James Farmer. This site was one that we were unable to restore due to time restraints and a lack of technical knowledge. To read about our “work in progress” […]

The James Monroe Papers website focuses on the papers of James Monroe, specifically “the letters written by James Monroe to the Secretary of State from August 1794 to August 1796” during his time as Minister of France according to the site’s about page. This site was restored by the 2022 ADH class. You can read about the […]

This site digitizes the scrapbooks of the Rowe Family. In addition, this project provides biographies on the Rowe women and a history of scrapbooking in the 19th and 20th centuries. The students that completed this project also created a Twitter account that shares images and information throughout the day.

This site houses the letters of Sergeant Jerome Peirce, a Union soldier during the American Civil War. It includes a brief description of Peirce himself, transcripts of letters, and several interactive tools like a Storymap and Timeline. Students from the 2020 class shared the story with Fredericksburg’s local newspaper, The Free Lance-Star, to spread the word […]

This site houses a collection of letters written by the wartime mayor of Fredericksburg, Montgomery Slaughter as well as letters from enlisted soldier George Murray during the American Civil War. This site also includes short biographies of the two men as well as 80+ letters and documents from the two men and the surrounding events. This […]

This site focuses on the history of Mary Ball Washington, George Washington’s mother and the namesake of the University of Mary Washington. It includes information about her childhood, marriage, and life after children. This site also includes a timeline, family tree, and other rich resources on the “grandmother of our country.” This site was one that […]