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Tag: 2016

The Explore HCC digital history site serves as a central site that documents both the history of the Hurley Convergence Center (HCC) and the features and services now located within the building. Unlike many of the other sites the digital preservation team had to look at, this site contained more minor formatting issues than anything […]

This site houses a collection of letters written by the wartime mayor of Fredericksburg, Montgomery Slaughter as well as letters from enlisted soldier George Murray during the American Civil War. This site also includes short biographies of the two men as well as 80+ letters and documents from the two men and the surrounding events. This […]

James Monroe 3D provides a unique approach to fashion history with 3D scans of clothing items of the James Monroe Museum collections. During this project, students completed interviews and 3D scans of items such as furniture, clothing, and weapons.

This website houses a collection of the diaries of Steven Gordon, and his experience in the American Civil War. It provides access to information about Gordon himself and his connection to the Civil War and digital scans and transcriptions of the diary entries. The images included in this collection detail events such as battles during the […]

This site on the Hurley Convergence Center provides an in-depth look into the construction and history of the HCC as well as links to student resources within the building. This site was restored by a 2022 ADH student. You can read about the restoration process here.