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There are several past ADH projects available on our 5th president, James Monroe who practiced law in Fredericksburg, according to the local James Monroe Museum. One past digital history project works to integrate technology into the existing collections of the James Monroe Museum, including offering a 360 Museum tour of the museum. James Monroe 3D […]

The James Monroe Papers website focuses on the papers of James Monroe, specifically “the letters written by James Monroe to the Secretary of State from August 1794 to August 1796” during his time as Minister of France according to the site’s about page. This site was restored by the 2022 ADH class. You can read about the […]

James Monroe 3D provides a unique approach to fashion history with 3D scans of clothing items of the James Monroe Museum collections. During this project, students completed interviews and 3D scans of items such as furniture, clothing, and weapons.