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The Alumni Project was created in 2008 to celebrate the University of Mary Washington’s Centennial Anniversary and creates a digital record of the history of UMW from the perspective of the alumni. This site contains seventeen interviews with past alumni in video and transcript form. This site was one that we were unable to restore […]

This 2022 project documents the name change from Mary Washington College to the University of Mary Washington in 2004. This project also illustrates Mary Washington’s time as a part of the University of Virginia. This site includes the history of UVA and UMWs connection as well as archives of images concerning the name change. This […]

Historic Buildings of UMW provides a focus on the campus buildings that each carry a rich history. From residence halls to other buildings of significance like Brompton, this site provides a walk through the past of UMW’s campus and the stories each building has to tell. This site was restored by the 2022 ADH class. Click […]

Mary Washington Images Throughout the Years is a site dedicated to archiving the past and present of campus life at Mary Washington. You can browse the collections in a variety of ways from specific time periods, to exhibits on important campus events like Devil Goat Day, or even just as one big gallery. Image Citation: Ned […]

Explore UMW History provides a unique virtual exploration of the Fredericksburg campus with images of the campus, and even a virtual tour. Unfortunately, the virtual tour is presently down, but you can view a transcript of the tour on the site’s accessibility page. We added the University of Mary Washington’s official campus tour for you to […]

Then and Now UMW serves as another photo exhibition of the University of Mary Washington over time. It includes a collections tab that allows you to navigate through the exhibition by decade and uniquely blends some of the past and present photos of buildings to help demonstrate the changes over time. This site was restored by […]

This site on the Hurley Convergence Center provides an in-depth look into the construction and history of the HCC as well as links to student resources within the building. This site was restored by a 2022 ADH student. You can read about the restoration process here.