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Monroe Hall for a virtual tour, January 9, 2015. (Photo by Norm Shafer).
Shafer, Norm. “Monroe Hall.” SmugMug, January 9, 2015.


The legacy category focuses on Historical Figures and Alumni associated with the University of Mary Washington and the Fredericksburg area. It includes websites on notable figures such as Dr. James Farmer, and Mary Ball Washington. Explore the topics below to see an overview of the sites and topics under this category.

How to navigate this page:

This page is organized by topic with the historical figures listed in bold and brief overviews of the sites under that topic. You can click on each link to access the website discussed. The sites denoted with an asterisk (*) are the ones that we made changes to in order to recover them and or update them to a more accessible format , the double asterisked sites are still works in progress. You can learn more about these edits in our Wayback Machine & Works in Progress posts under the Digital Preservation tab.


The Alumni Project (2008)** was created in to celebrate the University of Mary Washington’s Centennial Anniversary and creates a digital record of the history of UMW from the perspective of the alumni. This site contains interviews with past alumni.


The current sites and projects on notable Civil Rights activist and former UMW professor James Farmer are primarily split into two categories: biographical and archives of his lectures and legacy at the university.

The James Farmer Project (2008)** is a biographical site dedicated to resources on the life and contributions of Farmer. We are currently in the process of trying to restore the timeline** associated with this site, so we thank you for your patience.

James Farmer Lectures (2012)** provides a digital archive of Farmer’s Reflection lecture series including the ability to download the audio files.

The James Farmer at Mary Washington College (Oral Histories) (2020)conducted oral histories with some of his former students, focusing on his time in the classroom. This project also transcribed/captioned recordings of Dr. Farmer’s lectures and collected some of his classroom materials. This site features three main topics: James Farmer’s legacy, a timeline of his time at Mary Washington, and Dr. Farmer in the classroom.

The Renaming of James Farmer Hall Project (2022) tells of Dr. James Farmer’s legacy as a part of the University of Mary Washington. This project was put onto a new website to inform people about the history of the building as well as the process and why behind the change of name to James Farmer Hall. This site also includes links to many previously done projects on Dr. James Farmer.


There are several past ADH projects available on our 5th president, James Monroe who practiced law in Fredericksburg, according to the local James Monroe Museum.

The James Monroe Museum Project (2018) works to integrate technology into the existing collections of the James Monroe Museum, including offering a 360 Museum tour of the museum.

James Monroe 3D (2016) provides a unique approach to fashion history and material culture with 3D scans of clothing items and objects such as a musket in the James Monroe Museum collections.

James Monroe Museum 3D (2014)displays three-dimensional scans of various objects in the James Monroe Museum collections in addition to some interviews with the museum curator.

JM Politoons* (2012)focuses on digitally displaying the political cartoons connected to the James Monroe Museum collection.

The James Monroe Papers* (2010) focuses on the papers of James Monroe, specifically “the letters written by James Monroe to the Secretary of State from August 1794 to August 1796” during his time as Minister of France according to the site’s about page.


Mary Ball Washington** (2010)focuses on the history of Mary Ball Washington, George Washington’s mother and the namesake of the University of Mary Washington. It includes a timeline, family tree, and other rich resources on the “grandmother of our country.”


The Venus Jones Mural Companion (2022) project is part the mural unveiled in Jepson Science Center on the University of Mary Washington’s campus in the spring of 2022. This site is linked to the QR code on the mural that gives the viewer more information on the life and legacy of Dr. Venus Jones.