The History & Legacy of UMW

UMW Digital History Archive

Author: Lyndsey Clark

The ultimate goal of this project was to restore, refresh, and rescue past projects of the Adventures in Digital History class while making them more accessible. From the onset of this project we were told it was highly ambitious while being the first of its kind. We were excited to take on the challenge and […]

The Historic Buildings of the University of Mary Washington digital history site is one of the earliest digital history projects to originate from the Adventures in Digital History class. The site was created in 2012, shortly after the University of Mary Washington’s centennial anniversary, and serves as a timeline of the school’s changing social and […]

The Explore HCC digital history site serves as a central site that documents both the history of the Hurley Convergence Center (HCC) and the features and services now located within the building. Unlike many of the other sites the digital preservation team had to look at, this site contained more minor formatting issues than anything […]

Explore: UMW History is a digital history website dedicated to providing information to anyone who wishes to explore the history and namesakes of academic buildings on the University of Mary Washington Fredericksburg campus. The site itself is very simple, yet modern, displaying vibrant photos of academic buildings while also providing an overview of each building’s […]

University of Mary Washington: Then and Now is a digital history project whose main goal is to create and display a digital photography exhibit of the University of Mary Washington Fredericksburg campus. Images on the site range in date from 1908 to the present day, and aim to portray the evolution of student life and […]

The Century America Project is a digital history project that explores the experiences of 15 colleges and universities and their communities during World War I and the following years (1914-1919). In the past, UMW Digital History students have contributed two different sites to this project: Century America: The State Normal School and Fredericksburg, VA, 1914-1919 […]